JSC "ENEF" produces the following products:

Electronic ballasts (Electronic Control Gears):
•           for fluorescent lamps for AC networks;
•           for fluorescent lamps for DC networks;
•           for UV lamps;
•           for high-pressure sodium lamps;


LED drivers in in an aluminum extrusion profile IP67; Protection from 380VAC. Resistance to microsecond pulses of high energy: 4 kV (L-N), 6 kV (L-PE, N-PE). More ...

LED drivers in low heght 21 mm (SLIM) steel case IP20. More ...

Direct AC LED modules. More ...

Direct AC LED modules with light-sound switch. More ...

Luminaires with electronic ballasts and high-pressure mirror sodium lamps for industrial and domestic greenhouses. More ...

LED drivers (Electronic Control Gears for LED):
•           constant current mode;
•           constant voltage mode;

LED moduls:
•          for constant voltage mode;
•          for constant current mode;
•          Direct AC;
•          Direct AC with sensors;

LED complects.

•           for fluorescent lamps;
•           for fluorescent lamps for DC networks;
•           for LED;
•           for LED for DC networks;
•           for high-pressure sodium lamps;
•           for high-pressure sodium lamps for greenhouses;

Semiconductor modules